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Questions & Answers

  • How many years have you all been running the camp?

This will be the 6th year of Balance Soccer Summer Camps running 2 camps per summer. 


"I had the opportunity to create something that I didn’t see existing in the Portland area; a soccer camp with an old fashioned “camp” vibe.  Outdoors a majority of the time with a ton of activities and just too much to do in one day for even the most ambitious and energetic camper. "

-Tyler Pagano

  • What is the coach/counselor to camper ratio? 

The counselor/coach to camper ratio is roughly 10 to 1



  • What type of background/reference checks do you complete for the instructors/counselors?

Because I know all my coaches and counselors personally I do not require background checks.  I have taken great care to build this camp a certain way and will not sacrifice my principles to make a few extra bucks.  If camp grows to where I need to hire more individuals I will certainly complete a state recommended background check.



  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

Each Bunkhouse has 3 rooms and sleeps 12-14 with bunkbeds.  We make sure to sort out the best solution for all campers.  Friends and teammates (and siblings, if they want) absolutely get bunked together.  



  • The fee includes all meals while they are at camp, correct?

Yes, the fee includes all meals.  Campers can expect healthy and tasty food!  We also have a camp store where kids can buy snacks and cold drinks that we open up once or twice a day.  We collect the money up front and deduct from their account so that the kids aren’t walking around with cash.  Most kids deposit $25-$50.  All remaining funds are refunded at the end of camp.


  • What if my child's club team schedules a tournament during the week of camp?

If you have registered for camp and then your child's club schedules a tournament during camp week Balance Soccer will do 1 of 2 things: 

1- Work with you to see if perhaps the camper can arrive at camp late or leave early for an adjusted price.  Every year there are at least a couple of campers who attend for 2 or 3 nights instead of the standard 4. 

2- issue a refund (as according to Refund Policy below)

If you choose to cancel or leave camp for any reason:​

  • 45 or more days prior to the camp session starting date: Balance Soccer will retain $150 for administration and processing fees.​

  • 44 days or less prior to the camp starting date: Balance Soccer is unable to offer any refunds or credits.

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