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Rowan Schnebly

Stanford University

Tyler has helped me to become a better soccer player, student of the game, and person; sharing his incredible wisdom.


Ellie Ruhoff

Southern Methodist


Tyler has been my trainer for 7 years  and has pushed me to become a smarter, healthier, and stronger player.  He’s been an instrumental part in my growth as a player.


Elijah Widdows

Colby College

I'll be back in PDX for the holidays and am hyped to compete at Winner Stays On pickup!


Thea Traw

Carleton College

Tyler is an amazing coach and I've been working with him for 6+ years.  He instills confidence and has been an invaluable part of my journey.

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Charlie Matsumoto

University of Denver

Tyler helped to develop my mental game which has enabled me to play more free, relaxed and confident. I have no doubt his trainings helped me go D1. Thanks Tyler!


Jolie Maycumber

University of Arizona

Being a Balance Soccer Camp Counselor was the best job ever!


Dylan Akau

University of Denver

One of the best trainers out there! Not only did we work on the field, but we also went over film and how I can improve in real game situations.


Adam Miller

Western Illinois University

Great individual and small group training sessions. Would recommend to anyone that wants to improve their game.


Oliver Giesing

German Bundesliga U19

I live and play soccer in Germany now and working with Tyler was great preparation for me to compete at the highest level.

Tyler has taken my daughter’s soccer skills to a whole new level! He is a skilled coach, with a positive and encouraging attitude. My kid looks forward to his coaching sessions, and I have loved seeing her apply her new and refined skills in her games. Tyler is worth every penny!!

Tyler is an awesome soccer coach. He is kind and holds my kid accountable. He will adjust his training regime according to the player’s needs and provides thoughtful strategies to boost performance. He also does a great job giving back to the community. We couldn’t be happier with our player’s growth over the years and Tyler has been integral to her success.

We had heard about Tyler from multiple friends who mentioned their ECNL players' "favorite coach" was Tyler. Tyler is friendly, helpful, and pushes the players so they take their game to the next level. He is flexible and always does his best to accommodate the player's schedule. Somehow Tyler gets the kids to work harder than they normally do and come off the field happier than they normally are. Our daughter loves training with Balance Soccer!

Tyler is an amazing coach! My athlete daughter has worked with him for over six years. He teaches skills, attitude, and tactics and instills strength and confidence in his players. Thea starts every game while she competes in the NCAA D3 and has led her team to the playoffs in her conference and beyond. Tyler has been a huge support to her and an invaluable part of her team! We are ever grateful ⚽️❤️

Tyler Pagano is undoubtedly the best individual and group soccer coach in Oregon. He is a master of the game with incredible drive and an eagerness to share his knowledge of the game. I have been working with Tyler for the last 5 years. I am now an NCAA Division 1 soccer player at Stanford University because of what Tyler has helped me improve in my game. Through his summer camps and his local trainings he has allowed me to become a better soccer player, student of the game, and person, sharing his incredible wisdom. If you are looking for an amazing training environment with incredible coaching, Tyler Pagano and Balance Soccer is the way to go.

My 13yo son has been working with Tyler weekly for 5 months and it has transformed his game. His ball skills and shooting have greatly improved as has his understanding and successful execution of the position he plays. He works hard in the sessions with Tyler and still always looks forward to them. His love for the game has increased 10 fold along with his confidence. Can't recommend Tyler enough.

Tyler is the GOAT 🐐

Tyler was an awesome mentor for my son and helped improve not only soccer skills but equipped him with life skills: positive attitude, value of hard work, and personal improvement.

Within days of Tyler’s arrival in Portland, he began to train our son. They made an immediate connection and our son looked forward to as many sessions as they could fit in, even arranging pre-dawn sessions when our son’s after-school schedule was too busy. Tyler soon began to also train our daughter. 

Tyler develops the player’s technical skillsets, tactical vision, fitness, discipline, and as a result, confidence. 

Tyler appreciates the need to understand the player in order to customize training.

He’s real with players about how to use their strengths to address their next challenge. Both of our kids realized great growth, incredible accomplishments, and a very healthy love of the game.

Tyler has been instrumental/pivotal to my daughters development both on and off the field. His ability to really understand and listen to where she has been in terms of her mindset /psychology has made an impact that propels her forward with all of her goals in life. I’m very grateful for Tyler and highly recommend his program for any young person wanting to improve their soccer skills. But, it’s not all about the soccer - there’s so much more to learn at Balance Soccer !

Tyler is a stand up guy, who relentlessly works to help his clients and aid his clients in reaching the next level. I would recommend him to anyone trying to grow as a player

Tyler Pagano, founder of Balance Soccer, has been my personal trainer for seven years. He has pushed me to become a smarter, healthier, and stronger player while reaching for all my goals. Not only has Tyler made personal training plans that fit my needs, he taught me strategies to be a more mentally tough athlete that have helped all throughout my career. Now that I’m a D1 collegiate soccer player at SMU, Tyler reviews game film with me 1 on 1 and trains me at a high level when I return home on break. He’s been an instrumental part in my growth as a player.

I wish I’d found Balance Soccer many years ago! In just the couple months since I met Tyler I’ve leaned tons of incredible tips not just about my game but also my mindset, taking care of my body, what to do before, during, and after playing, and all things soccer-adjacent. There’s so much more to it than I could have imagined. I’ve played soccer my whole life and have never learned so much so quickly. This is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to reach their full potential.

Tyler trained my two daughters for their school soccer club teams and really made an impact on their technical and tactical game. Super patient, professional and encouraging while pushing them appropriately to keep their focus up. Worth every penny. You will not regret it!

Tyler is an amazing resource for kids looking to move up to the next Level of soccer. He will give your child 100% support, guidance and valuable feedback. He holds the kids accountable which is the best.

I cannot say enough good things about Tyler Pagano and his approach to soccer, teaching, and kids growth both on and off the pitch! Through the years as he has worked with my three kids, he has grown to know them as players and people...he has given of himself and they have grown to know him, and of course, to love him, as both a coach and a friend. I trust him implicitly in his teaching as learns what approach works best for each student. As a result, he is able to inspire his students and help them soar!

Balance soccer is by far the best place to bring your child for soccer training in Portland. Tyler Pagano, the founder and owner, has been an incredible mentor for me the more than 7 years he has trained me since he first started up in around 2015. Rather than teaching his students technical drills or games they could practice individually at home, Tyler spreads the love of the game through zeroing in on each of his student's specific weaknesses, and coming up with creative and effective ways to improve them. For example, I was constantly having trouble with defending and my body position abasing very fast girls, and for for almost a month straight we worked 1v1 battles against each other where I quickly learned how to more position my body so he wouldn't just dribble by me. Tyler is absolutely wonderful, and there is no better place to go for personal training in the entire Portland metro area! Highly recommend.

Tyler is a veteran trainer and coach. Always professional, he has mastered the art of the motivational coach who not only teaches technical and tactical skills, but perseverance, confidence, and decision making skills. My daughter’s mental and tactical awareness has improved marketably under Tyler’s tutelage. Thank you Tyler!

Tyler ensures that each session builds on skills that need to be developed. My daughter has been training with him for 9 months and every session has been different, but working on skills from a different yet customized approach. He’s energetic, thoughtful, and most of all keeps the sport fun for his players! I’m addition to all this, he takes a keen interest in the player as a person. He really personifies the name “Balance Soccer.” Highly recommend!

Love Balance Soccer! We've been with Tyler for 3 years now as helped my son improve on his technical skills, tactical understanding of the game through film study. He also helped to develop my son's mental game which has enabled him play more free, relaxed and confident. I have no doubt his trainings help to get my son into one of the top ranked D1 soccer programs in the nation. Thanks T!

Our kids love training with Tyler! He’s an invaluable asset to their growth with his coaching style. Summer camp has been tons of fun too. Soccer, games, cooling off in the water in an amazing setting. It’s one of the best summer camps around. Both kids connected withTyler’s coaching style, he seems to make them want to push themselves without being pushy. It’s fun to watch them learn to really love the game. Thanks Tyler!

Image by Nima Sarram

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