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Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not.  We provide hope, empowerment and a future to the vulnerable children of Uganda through the vehicles of soccer and education.  I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors and as Director of Coaching for this remarkable organization. Help us make a difference.  

Every penny counts.  

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Fields of Dreams Uganda believes that the power of sports in a child’s life can make a lasting impact, and often a quality education is the only thing that can lift a child out of poverty.​

Our ultimate objective is to help increase the opportunities for the children we serve — and we think the best way to do that is through education.

All of our programming, therefore, is aimed with this objective in mind. Our soccer and girl empowerment initiatives directly contribute to an increase in enrollment and a decrease in dropout rates at each of our partners schools.


We envision communities in Uganda where orphaned and vulnerable children can reach their full potential as compassionate human beings

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