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Discover Balance
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Maintain Balance

I always dreamt of being a professional soccer player.  Even though I came up short on that dream, I am so incredibly grateful for all that the game has given to me.  Hard work, determination and loads of good fortune allowed me to win State Championships with Chicago Sockers FC, achieve All Conference Academic and Athletic honors as a 4 year starter and 2 year captain at NCAA Division I Universities, as well as have the opportunity to compete and start for 2 seasons with Indiana Invaders FC of the United Soccer Leagues Professional Development League (now known as USL League Two).  


Although I was fortunate enough to achieve a decent level of play and compete with and against players that would go on to play in professional leagues all over the world, start for national teams, and play in World Cups; I was heartbroken when my peers moved on to bigger pursuits and my dream ended.  All of a sudden, I had to accept that I just wasn’t good enough.  The teams and agents never called back.  Although I kept chasing my dream, it had ended.


Enjoying the game proved difficult for years.  I mostly stayed away from it instead spending more time focusing on aspects of my life that got put on the back burner during my full time pursuit of the professional player dream.  Eventually, during this sabbatical from the game, the disappointment and pain began to dissipate.  I was able to discover a healthier balance to my life and ever so slowly, I began to rediscover my love and passion for the game.  Not only did I rediscover my love for the game, I also began to perceive the game in a different way, more mature and cerebral.  I began having fun playing soccer as opposed to just working hard at it.  All that the game had taught somehow began to permeate into my day to day life.  All of a sudden my life was full of so much goodness.  I was capable of thinking of much more than just myself and my individual endeavors.  Now, as the owner & founder of Balance Soccer LLC, a soccer education and training operation based out of Portland, OR, I empower players through education, encouragement and fun.

Oregon ODP Head Coach.  


Oregon Youth Soccer Regional Training Center Director

Indiana ODP Assistant Coach

Wabash College Assistant Coach, semi pro coach.  

guiding players and families through the soccer maze here in Soccer City USA.

Portland Timers ODP Head Coach

Portland Timbers RTC Director

What is my story?  Story with clarity.  guts of what I'm about.  Boil it all down.

Teacher.  Educator.  Guide.  Accountability partner.  Not a coach.  Not in this role. Encourager.  I wish there was a word in the english language: encourager.  I am an encourager.  

Balance, strength, stability

A players guide to injury prevention and recovery reduction


You can’t mess up here.  This is a place for you to try and try again.  If you mess up who cares.  That is what you’re here for.  It takes a certain type of courage to be willing to struggle.  Safe place.  Laugh at your mistakes and move on. 


I ask about what their coaches ask of them.  What are their coaches looking for?  


Take information and apply it.  


What are you training for?  What’s the point?  What is your intention.?  Hard work is a bare minimum.  Hard work is a prerequisite.  Can you stay engaged?  


Interconnectedness of all the things we do.  Connect day to day life- school work, exams, instrument, video games, other sports, family, friendships, 

stems from awareness of just how lucky and fortunate I am.


They will have homework.  If you don’t train on your own there is no reason to train with me.  


...bigger brains that collected more information, reasoned about it in more sophisticated ways, and deployed a greater variety of actions to achieve their goals. 

The game of soccer is a microcosm for...

Soccer provides us with opportunities to develop many important skills that transcend the beautiful game.  



Decision making, awareness, engagement, tryouts, how to cope with stress/anxiety, how to prepare, how to perform, apply skills, social elements, communication, creativity 


Communicate to coordinate actions in soccer.  For the most part.


Fun.  I love having fun playing soccer.  I didn’t always use to have fun as I was too concerned with the wrong thoughts.  Winning was so important.  More important than development.  I was a young, naive, Ignorant, hard working, stressed out fool.   Whether you want to maybe play in college or if you’re intent on becoming pro, you can enjoy every element of the game.  In that enjoyment comes the magic.  


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

I waned to be a pro.  I didn't know what that meant.  Not really.  I just wanted to play soccer.  I worked sooo hard.  Worked harder and more often than many players that went pro.  Why didn't I make it?  I cared enough.  I tried hard enough.  I worked hard enough.  I was missing something.  I went to Bolivia to try and play one final time.  I had a connection, some friends so I went for it.  I played on one team and then got recruited to another.  

Once this perceived chance of going pro was gone it was very difficult to enjoy the game.  I could;t find the proper balance I once had.  How did soccer fit into my life?  what's next?  no balance.

?Could list 40 names of pros I played with or against?  From MLS players, MLS MVP's, leaves all over the world, World Cup players.  

mental component more important than physical.  


more than just foot skills

more than just setting up cones

Discover, cultivate, maintain BALANCE


Train and guide development instead of winning

this is more than just setting up cones and facilitating exercises.  Developing a personal relationship that allows for comfort and confidence building. 

Use soccer to help find balance in life.

Enjoy the game.  

Find balance in training and day to day life.

Allow soccer to act as a training ground for life.

Enjoy this beautiful game.  train with intensity and intention.  Learn fundamentals and hone confidence with the ball at your feet.

Balance Soccer is derived from the experiences of founder Tyler Pagano.  

not just foot skills.  More than just foot skills.

if you're as good as you're going to be, you can't train here

transform the culture of soccer in this city

I don't have magic sequences or drills or exercises.  it will take time.  put a system in place.  be disciplined.  develop discipline and systems.  these are skill sets.

Perhaps some of my favorite quotes to break up the story or different stories

success is uncommon.  develop systems to achieve goals.  everyone has goals.  not everyone has the system in place.  

use of analogies that connect everyday life with the game.  compare doctor to goal scoring situation.

rarely definitive answer.  depends on the situation.

think of the game in more sophisticated ways to deploy a greater variety of actions to achieve your goals.  

Why train?  what is the purpose.  variety of things to train.  so many skill sets to develop.  want to introduce all of these different ideas and concepts.  not just passing, shooting, etc...

I do not want to stifle the joy and creativity players have.  I see this too often.  There are so many skill sets to accumulate.  I have no agenda on finding the best payers to play or whether you're going to get playing time or make the team or earn that scholarship.  I simply get to teach and guide.  Challenge players to gather more information.  To think about the game in more sophisticated ways to deploy a greater variety of options to achieve the desired outcome.  

More training.  Less traveling for games and competition.  More joy.  Less focus on winning and losing.  

Teach players how to move.  How to balance.  How to discover all the skill sets that can make up a quality player.  

I want to transform the culture.  Evolving culture.  

How do I find balance?  If I had been able to find balance when I was younger I could have had a chance.  

Balance, control, stability, creativity, hard work, patience, awareness, gather information, composure, consistency, 

Thank You